God or Drunkard

An anonymous group of boys were hovering through the vicinity found a drunkard lying on a ground, nobody seem to care. They carried him to a temple and left. The priest of that temple came and asked him, "O great lord, are you all right?" He in drunken state asked, "Lord, great huh? Tell me... Continue Reading →



She - Guess who cracked the interview today? Mmm-hmm and, with no cheating which proves I can do anything. He - Couldn't you have just texted me that? She - (drinks whiskey) fine. I'll go? He - Really? Without taking what u came for? (Pushing her on to the wall). She - (gasped) That is... Continue Reading →

Where to find you?

"There she was seating in the audience waiting for that guy to perform which she followed from the cafe. Pale brown eyes, curly hair, bright face with full of confidence in him attracted her soul and she knew that he will rock the floor with his performance but she did not knew what he was... Continue Reading →

R u virgin?

#theHiddenDoor N.B - i am not feminist.. . Look 90% girls ignore this question Literally it needs 3 seconds to slay them who asks this question U think alot if that person is ur crush then u think alot should i say yes or not? Yes u do think if he thinks i am vulgar... Continue Reading →

Kindness animosity!

Here I was wandering here and there through my bad time.. I ended up at one village.. I seated there for more than one hour watching people from there; I saw a man was seating there feeling rock bottom through his life.. I gone up there and added asking, "Kya hua Malik?" (What happened boss?)..... Continue Reading →

suicide…. really?

U want to end ur life because one girl left u with infidelity.. Lets talk about the future after u are gone.. A MOTHER who gave u birth Do u know the pain she had when she was giving u life.. Similar to 20 bones getting Fractured at a time.. And u talk about a... Continue Reading →


"​I was not good looking and she was amusingly gorgeous. I just wanted to have her,kiss her, sleep with her not as fuck like in porn and not even have sex. I just wanted to be in dreamland quietly peacefully with her. But I didn't had courage and she had her guy and I was... Continue Reading →

Dream ❄

​When the days unfolding Ur nights are in downswing Good deeds are puking Even if she is not ur zing She left without engagement ring Don't worry dude ur still king Life is not acting Courage is in accepting Ur debts are negotiating on street niggling Ur in so much pain Tears are aching Enemies... Continue Reading →


​m gonna type; Smoking that pipe. I like u so much; Y don't we skype. Life is a bitch; M not so rich. She liked money; Ditched me on wild pitch. Going to club every night; One martini made delight. There was one girl; She ordered sprite. Friends bought weed; I was in need. She... Continue Reading →

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